Dntel – “Human Voice”
12″ Vinyl LP BUNDLE w/ltd. Outtakes Cassette
Art direction: Jesse Moretti

total runtime Album LP: 36min
total runtime Outtakes CS: 40min
*HV Outtakes Cassette only w/Vinyl purchase from Stones Throw.
*Cassette-only B.Side: live performance on Leaving Records Boiler Room feat. Mitchell Brown
*Immediate digital download of Album LP when copped

Some rather memorable moments in the catalog of Jimmy Tamborello, aka Dntel, feature collaborations with neatly paired guest vocalists (Ben Gibbard, Jenny Lewis, Baths, Mia Doi Todd to name a few.) Much attention has been paid to these carefully picked singers, with Tamborello’s backing a perfect complement— the producer is always humbly stepping out of the spotlight, allowing the guest to shine.

Ironically, Human Voice, is atypically bereft of any featured guests. Tracks are instead festooned with largely computerized and disembodied voices, lost somewhere in an ether of circuitry and possessing that plaintive emotion which sounds unmistakably like Dntel. An interesting thing happens— even without lyrics and the radiant personality of a guest vocalist attached to them, the 8 tracks here still manage to convey the same depths of emotion, despair, longing, hope, and optimism that have touched the lives of so many listeners. It is telling that the album’s title comes from a preset sound of the same name on the Casio SK-1 (a classic sampling keyboard.) Human Voice demonstrates that the real complexity and driving emotion has always been emanating straight out of the machines, effectively communicating as competently as human language. Music is a language all its own, able to convey emotional complexity with the same deftness as words— and without the immense frustration of language barriers.

The tacit concept of communication runs throughout Human Voice like a current. The opening title track and closing duet of “Bay Loop” and “Ashby” are anchored by a soft 4/4 thud highly reminiscent of a human heartbeat. Comforting and familiar, this naturalistic rhythm creates a base for the freewheeling, explorative melodies and curiously emotive electronic voices that rise up like vapor. On “Fringes of Focus,” an atmosphere of movement and high adventure is cultivated with the addition of carefully plucked guitars and a rollicking, clap-heavy groove. “Foraya” takes its time building gradually from a dramatically slowed voice and culminating in another joyous, exuberant symphony of comforting melodies (cut dramatically short, as it were.) “Bike Path” and “Connections” thrive on the nostalgic, sun-faded, and vividly conjured memories that helped The Postal Service smash platinum sales. Tamborello steps furthest outside of his wheelhouse with the hectic, neck-breaking beatwork of “If I Stay a Minute,” on which a reversed vocal sample takes the track to a dizzying, palpitating climax.


Trance Farmers – “Dixie Crystals”
12″ vinyl LP: $16.00
Art: J. Moretti

total runtime: 27min
Digital Download included w/vinyl purchase,

all remaining copies at Stones Throw
+don’t y’all forget about Dixie Caps!

Leaving Records presents the debut album of Trance Farmers, Dixie Crystals. This is a guitar-slathered, twang-soaked sashay through the unique musical mind of time-traveling bluesman Dayve Samek with a collection of tunes steeped in magical and murky Los Angeles.

Recorded over several years and across the city, the album draws from Samek’s experiences on the shores of Venice Beach to the majestic foothills of Altadena. An omnipresent pollutant haze hangs over the whole affair, choking twinkling tones like so much carbon monoxide.

Songs range from tenderly warped ballads of friendship and love to inhalant-fueled rockabilly joyrides. Over the course of ten tracks, a drifting young hayseed finds himself temporarily settled in a sprawling but claustrophobic megalopolis, which feels more like a decrepit roadside attraction on the information superhighway. Sweaty, garage-born ballads brush shoulders with drifter anthems and gasoline drenched doo wop. Next – moonshine.

Before the album’s release, Samek will have already sauntered on down the road, leaving the west coast a distant, smudged memory– a faded photograph worn with joy and laughter and sadness. ‘Dixie Crystals’ can then be considered a memento, its gleaming selections fragments of getting lost and growing up and finally hitting the road. Last we heard, Samek was spotted somewhere down in the swamps of Louisiana running his vital cassette label, Glue Moon Records. Who knows what lies ahead? Ride on, Greasy Rider.


Diva’s Guided Meditation Cassette Series
Yialmelic Transmissions 1: Vibration Fruits

total runtime: 60min
200 custom Metallic Rose Quartz OCards w/Rhinestones
Side A: Guided Meditation w/vocal narration from Diva
Side B: Instrumental

Alien Journeys for Transcendent Healing.
Clear Stagnation for free energy flow.
Analog + Digital Synthesizers and Vocal Narration assist the transmission.


Matthewdavid & EMV – Super Harvest Moon

total runtime: 38min
ltd to 250 copies, cassette-only
original OCard art silk-screened by: Ryo Kuramoto

*A-Side “Super Harvest Moon” recorded in 2009 by Matthewdavid and EMV on the Super Harvest Moon
*B-Side “Waxing Gibbous Moon” recorded in 2014 by Matthewdavid and EMV on the Waxing Gibbous Moon