-A Shapeless Pool of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended in the Darkness

smurphy_1 (1)
A Shapeless Pool of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended in the Darkness

total runtime: 35min
ltd. cassette of 300 copies, artwork by Smurphy

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Meet Smurphy – producer, singer, performer, and integral member of Mexico City’s premier underground collective NAAFI

“…the album is all about love… love is not only pink ribbons and sugar, it is a living thing, it is sudden, it is insane.”

(20:12), 06-V-2015, Spring

Fowler, J., Unami, T., et al. (2015). Species pluralis [Audio Cassettes and LP Record]. United States: Leaving Records. 060, 063, 066, 069.

060(1):01–04, (20:12), 100 Audio Cassettes, 20-III-2015, Equinox
063(2):05–08, (20:12), 100 Audio Cassettes, 21-VI-2015, Solstice
066(3):09–12, (20:12), 100 Audio Cassettes, 23-IX-2015, Equinox
069(4):13–20, (40:24), 200 LP Records, 22-XII-2015, Solstice

The Holocene Extinction is attributable to the Agricultural Revolution and associated humanization. Humanization of landscapes and lifeforms separated humans from nonhumans to synthesize humans with nonhumans for human development. Such anthropocentrism presupposed differences amongst humans and nonhumans, which fostered problematizing dominion or stewardship over nonhumans. Stewardship influenced unsustainable socio-ecological feedback loops that amplify or dampen chemical, biological, and physical Earth System patterns and processes.

Unsustainable anthropocentrism accelerated with the atomization, separation, and reduction of Art-Science as aloof and autonomous activities. Once detached, Art and Science are subsumed within romantic and technological orders that estrange nature from society. Such orders of unsustainability fragment cultures through specialization for reflexive and short-term efficiency, growth, and productivity. Self-reinforcement by accelerated consumption, opposition, and progression results in unviable econo-environmental efficiency, unbearable socio-environmental growth, and inequitable socio-economic productivity.

Recently, cultures of sustainability have emerged as paradigm shifts in contemporary society. Shifts away from unsustainable knowledge-creation have developed after concepts and principles of Complexity Science, Systems Thinking, and Transdisciplinarity. Such dynamic, integral, and non-linear concepts and principles foster sensibility to complex and systemic patterns that connect already-interdependent Art and Science, nature and culture, etc. Thereby, teams of diverse and inquisitive Artists-Scientists collaboratively act to tackle unsustainability, while conserving resilient natural capital and ecosystem services, promoting just socio-environmental standards, and improving fair socio-economic development.

Species pluralis asks: What is Art-Science? (Non-)Hypothesis: If Art-Science, then no more Art than Science; then no more Art than Non-Art; then no more Science than Non-Science. Performance-research proceeds according to suspended concepts and methods from experimental design (e.g. blocking, randomization, replication, etc.) and experimental music (e.g. extended techniques, improvisation, indeterminacy, etc.). Materials include compositions and samples of anthropic, biophonic, and geophonic sounds, such as musical instruments, natural objects, sound recordings, etc. Pseudo-replicated (immanently biased) praxis results in listening untethered from Art-Science ends. Alternative-neutral-null discussions may investigate topics including, but not limited to Integrated Pest Management, Reconciliation Ecology, Trans-species Soundscapes, etc.




2nd & final edition of 100 tapes now available


Leaving Records’ flagship artist Dakim is swaddled in mystery and intrigue. Praised by luminaries of the global beat scene such as Flying Lotus, Ras G, and House Shoes, Dakim’s productions remain largely unheard. The reclusive and prolific producer (who cites music as 90% of his life) literally lives in a world of ceaselessly unturning sounds and textures yet unheard. Operating on instinct and a seemingly unquenchable musical curiosity, Dakim creates tracks that are less “beats” than living, breathing organisms which move and swing on their own preternatural accord. Hot off the heels of a fevered, sure to be legendary performance on L.A.’s Boiler Room, Dakim may not be a “producer’s producer” for long.

With ‘6F00FF’, Dakim has crafted another immersive foray into his densely realized and inimitable style. Here he often trades out the loose, head nodding undulations of earlier releases for a careening pace more akin to the rich electronic music heritage of his native Detroit. Far from the cold and steely pulse of techno, however, ‘6F00FF’ is an organic, sprawling soundscape. Careening from the dogged, clattering intensity of first track “shadow world” through to the heavenly, largely ambient peak of its title track (which designates a shade of purple), ‘6F00FF’ is perhaps the best entryway so far into the rare genius of Dakim.

A remastered & unedited version of ‘thisone’, originally a free release on the Leaving Records website, is a cassette-only bonus.

6F00FF (digital + CS)
1_shadow world
4_corner pocket
5_as dream creatures
8_title track

produced 2012 & 2013
recorded 2013
berkeley, CA
stillyellow & title track for bird.

thisone (CS-only)
produced & recorded 2005
detroit, MI
re-recorded 2009
los angeles, CA


Trance Farmers – Garbage Night
7″ – $7.00
CS – $7.00

*total runtime: 14mins
*ltd. 7″ includes iron-on “portal patch” to first 25 buyers
*ltd. cassette screen-printed by Hit+Run

songs written/recorded/mixed by Dayve Samek
bass on “Ghoul” by Rich Hall
drums on “Ghoul” by Chris Lyons
typography by Chloe Higgins
mastered by Matthewdavid
Video directed by David Bear

“Just follow those arrows, folks, and let’s turn that trash pile into a smile with Garbage Night!”