VHVL & Ras G – Seat of the Soul

total runtime: 30mins
VHVL 1track at 15mins
Ras G 7tracks at around 2mins each
*ltd edition of 300 tapes
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‘Seat of the Soul’ is a split cassette of esoteric experiments and emotion from Ras G & VHVL. Ras G throws down seven tracks inspired by the pineal gland, and helps us introduce a young New York-bred producer VHVL (birthname Veronica Lauren) who caught the ancient ear of Ras G on a NY tour / studio session in 2013. An experienced sound designer influenced by the “founding mothers of electronic music”, VHVL has found her voice through compositions which mirror her youthful spirit creating a dialogue reflective of her human experience.
Art by: Ras Terms
Ltd. edition cassette of 300 w/ OCard printed on 100% recycled paper.


M. Geddes Gengras – Ishi
Vinyl 19.99 / CD 9.99 / Digi 7.99

total album runtime: 35mins
(digital+CD includes additional 40min bonus “Vigil”)
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“No dream, no wildest nightmare, prefigured for Ishi a city crowd, its clamor, its endless hurrying past to be endlessly replaced by others of its kind, face indistinguishable from face.”
- Theodora Kroeber, from Ishi: In Two Worlds

M. Geddes Gengras has inhabited the Los Angeles experimental music scene for the last 7 years, bouncing through various bands, monikers, and a critically acclaimed collaboration with Sun Araw and The Congos. The producer perhaps shines most brightly, however, when left to his own bespoke devices. His solo work is largely based in modular synthesis, comfortably straddling a variety of forms while remaining rooted in a deep affinity for the limitations of analog electronics and a keen ear for timbral manipulation.

Ishi finds the producer diving headlong into beautiful, sprawling ambient explorations and deep, mystical drone. Its title is the name given to “the last wild Indian” in North America, who emerged in 1911 at the age of 49. Hidden all his life in the wilderness of northern California, Ishi spent most of his life completely unexposed to the modern world lurking just beyond his own timeless reality. His only exposure to the “civilized” world came from Gold Rush settlers, whom he watched massacre and disease each and every member of his family and tribe, until he alone remained. When he was found, communication between the miraculous survivor and this strange new world was understandably difficult and frightening— but the knowledge gained through the process proved invaluable.

Sometimes the most effective and direct means of communication and understanding exist outside of human language. Gengras’ highly expressive instrumental record reveals itself via sweeping tonal gestures and striking, intensely colorful washes of heavily processed electronic sound. “Ambient” is insufficient to describe the uniquely evocative soundtrack presented here, a lushly nuanced sound world generated directly from the deeply personal relationship between one man and his meticulously cultivated machines.

“The record is about the schism that exists between the world we live in and those stuck on the margins of it— perpetual outsiders and their quest to understand the torrent of information they are constantly subjected to. I was directly inspired to these pieces by two people in my orbit who died this year, one accidentally and one not, both of whom suffered this affliction and eventually lost their lives to it. The music was a reaction to these losses and a sort of offering of something peaceful but at the same time respectful of the conflict and dissonance of life, with movement always in the distance. I look at it as music for passage between different realms, conscious & un, this world & another, layers of reality… ISHI is a metaphor for that— the man who walks into our world understanding none of it but forced to live in it regardless. This is somewhere in between a prayer and a lullaby for him and for the rest of them, but also something for those of us left behind.”
- M. Geddes Gengras


Trance Farmers – Dixie Caps

total runtime: 11mins
200 tapes thru Stones Throw
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The Dixie Caps EP is a precursor to Trance Farmers’ forthcoming debut LP, Dixie Crystals (due Summer 2014). This tantalizingly brief cassette release, evenly divided between dreamy pop gems and experimental soundscapes, serves as an excellent introduction to the musical rambling of songsmith Dayve Samek aka TRANCE FARMERS. Take the swooning, Kinks-esque opening track “Dream Train”, its jangly guitars peppered with bizarre samples and heavenly harmonies. “House Made of Dawn” is a haunted, hopeful ballad of high adventure. The cassette’s B-side goes further adrift, opening with the pulsating, percussive mutations of “Lucinda” and flaming out on the glorious, drifting embers of “Camp Fire”.


$7.00 USD

total runtime: 25mins
ltd. 250 tapes
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“Potent dose of hyper-lucid yet intangible electronic deviations from DJ Purple Image for LA’s Leaving Records. With a preternaturally fluid grasp of dynamics and complex, psychedelic arrangement, in ‘Rico’ he shreds up microscopic samples into fibrillating, frayed structures comparable with the 2-step and footwork-esque flux of SND, SFV Acid or Gabor Lazar, but guided with an adroit jazz hand.”