Sweet La Vie

PJS – Sweet La Vie

*total runtime: 1hr 15min
*custom magic mirrored Ocard sleeve
*ltd 150 cassettes

Introducing the lush Vancouver Island ambient new age music of PJS
sonic explorations
magic friends
recorded 2013 to 2016
all live gear no computer screens or sounds in creation process
celestial blessings
angelic now
patrick dique- synthesizers, delay, samples, melody
jordan christoff- synthesizers, delay, space

Music for Saxofone & Bass Guitar


Yialmelic Frequencies – Yililok
2CS/DL | preorder now | WW May 18th 2018

*total runtime: 68min
*2CS compendium of first release Zjumk (68min), & Yililok (68min).
*Metallic rose quartz goldembossed sleeve.
*Cover art by Adam Ferriss
*Layout & typography by Will Pesta

Yialmelic Frequencies is a project born from the exploration of alien origins in its producer, Diva Dompé. Receiving visions of another dimension since childhood, and meeting these visions with conflicting feelings of wonder, desire, and fear, Diva started creating Guided Meditations as a safe space to explore this cosmic relationship. Yialmelic Frequencies harvests the collection of instrumentals originally made to accompany these meditations, now to be enjoyed as their own sonic journeys.

What Diva found from creating these meditations was Yialmel: a place that radiates with Love and Harmony, where Matter, Energy and Consciousness exist along one gradient of manifest form. Where all manifest matter has consciousness and all of these consciousnesses collaborate in interaction. Where desire, attention, and love are valuable units of exchange. This is a place where Diva simultaneously exists while also fulfilling the role of Human on Planet Earth. In her role on Yialmel, she is a guardian of the Infinite Love Source and creator of Resonant Frequency Sculptures, similar to her role of manipulating frequency on earth in the form of sound.

Yililok is the second release from Yialmelic Frequencies, which is forthcoming on Leaving Records alongside a cassette compendium that also includes the first release Zjumk. Each trek into Yialmel can vary wildly, ranging from bucolic and alien nature scenes to cerebral transmissions from the future. Volume 2’s “Auric Massage” delivers its title literally, a tactile, evocative meditation that tingles and relaxes while gliding through a string of pulsating, decidedly futuristic washes of whirring synthesizers. Focusing on the tonal, ASMR-tinged groundwork of Yialmel yields a deeply personal journal of peaceful self discovery.