LR113 –

Jamire Williams – ///// EFFECTUAL

Jamire Williams introduces the world to ///// EFFECTUAL – the masterful avant-drumming album conceived, recorded, and produced across multiple planes of specific studio environments and percussive configurations.

Jamire’s solo strength is felt upon the first splash of a cymbal, yet Williams continues his rising path working recently with the coveted Herbie Hancock, innovator Robert Glasper, Tortoise treasure Jeff Parker, and the exploratory Carlos Niño who is credited as an essential producer here. ///// EFFECTUAL enlists Chassol, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, and GB – all remain close colleagues with perfect appearances for this highly-nuanced solo debut on Leaving Records.

photography by Grace Oh


Devonwho – Luz

*total runtime: 39min
*features rapper/singer Zackey Force Funk, soul singer/producer I, Ced, and blossoming emcee Pink Siifu.
*art by Chris Hound

Devonwho’s Luz on Leaving is the Instrumental West Coast Beats full-length from influential Devon Fox. In 2009 he helped start bandcamp phenomenon Klipmode with Knxwledge, Mndsgn, and Suzi Analogue. Moving up and down the coast for a few years, Devon is now based in Los Angeles creating his most potent melodically-driven Synthesizer Beat Music to date. Predominately an instrumental showcasing of Devon’s production and synth-playing – a few friends join: rapper/singer Zacky Force Funk, soul singer/producer I, CED, and blossoming emcee Pink Siifu.

photo: Patti Miller

-A V

(LR104) Surface to Air Missive – A V

Surface to Air Missive is primarily the project of recorder player Taylor Ross from The American South. This Rock Band has destroyed The Rock Band in order to build a New Rock Band sourced from a Fake Classical / Neo-Baroque style. Recorders big and small multi-tracked atop atypical chord progressions with a strong sense of songwriting makes the most memorable magic that is “A V”.


Om Namah Shivaya / Be Still and Glow

LR100, 101, 102, 103
Laraaji – Om Namah Shivaya / Be Still and Glow – 1980s


*LR100 runtime: 40min, LR101 runtime: 64min, LR102 runtime: 62min, LR103 runtime: 92min
*ORANGE VINYL Om Namah Shivaya 1LP, original jacket design from Laraaji 1984
*BE STILL AND GLOW 3CS Silver-embossed Metallic Mandarine Sleeve, written by Laraaji
*photography and design: Will Pesta

Leaving Records presents its second archival installment with legendary New Age composer Laraaji, all material previously self-released and distributed in ltd. quantities during the 1980s.
— — — —

Om Namah Shivaya from 1984 finds Laraaji using drum machines and stream-of-consciousness vocal mantra to make new-age trance pop.

LR100 Laraaji – Om Namah Shivaya 1984, 1LP
“This original 1984 cassette home recording was inspired by request for personal long play soundtrack to accompany a delivery room child birth in Florida. It was intended to wlecome a newborn child with love, ecstatic joy, and high positivism. I used the Casiotone M70 electric keyboard and chat sang wihle in a prepared vision trance. C Major.” -Laraaji
— — — —

Be Still and Glow collects three long-form titles from the deep and seemingly endless pool of cassette archives from Laraaji Nadabrahmananda during peak productivity years in the 1980s. Curated, remastered, and restored to its utmost listening enjoyment potential by Leaving Records’ Matthew “Matthewdavid” McQueen alongside Laraaji. Initially unearthed and transferred from tape by Douglas McGowan.

LR101 Laraaji – Sun Zither 1&2 1984, CS
“90+ minutes of non-stop sun-drenched Zither Ecstacy”
“A refreshing new sound journey through ecstatic hammered open-tuned zither string board, through jazz-funk rhythms with improvised rubber-tipped mallets, through rattled, stopped Zither. Chaos with wooden chopsticks, through ethereal steel slide string sound exploration to take the classic zither sound way out of the box. An exploratory adventure in sustained open modal tuning, elegant electronics and virtuoso performance mastery” -Laraaji

LR102 Laraaji – Tonings 1&2 1980s, CS
“Tonings 1: Shimmering celestial Zither and OM chant continual deep induction listening for expanded inner-stillness.” -Laraaji
“Tonings 2: OM chimes ladder, Kalimba (African thumb piano), hand chimes, spontaneous laughter release, chant, & chimes distortion (heavy at times towards end.)” -Laraaji

LR103 Laraaji – Celestrana / Deep Chimes Meditation 1980s CS
“Celestrana: Calming, gentle, continual, patient, relaxed-pace solo electric zither feeling. Home cassette recorded 1980’s. Mood of contemplative stillness. Peaceful, introspective listening.”
“Deep Chimes Meditation: Classic, Space, Peace, Zen, Timelessness” -Laraaji