Dakim & Fumitake Tamura (BUN) – “Mudai”
ltd. 250 cassettes (+digital download included)
original cover art painting: noa-

Collaboration Tape of Dakim from Detroit and Fumitake Tamura (Bun) from Japan.
Exchanging sound sources and adding sounds each other, they constructed beats.
It fully emphasizes their wide variation of originality from ambient sounds to avant-garde beats.
Rhythms runs through particles of sounds like lighting.
Reverb sparks like flash between left and right.
Trial and error is used in various structures and sound effects.
Due to use a VHS for mastering, it tuned sounds up further.

-Menace in the Phantom

Cakedog – “Menace in the Phantom”
ltd. to 300 cassettes (+digital download included)
Chicago Battlegroundz Photography: Alima Jennings

Cakedog is Leland Jackson a.k.a. Ahnnu
Inspired by the Battlegroundz of Chicago, “Menace in the Phantom” is an authentic footwork tape of 14 cypher trax (RIP DJ RASHAD).

-Raw Fruit 3

Ras G – “Raw Fruit 3″
2nd pressing of 250 tapes..
Art: Seth Feriss

Ras G
Raw Fruit vol.3

1. Hear U(MPC 2000XL ) made in Uganda

2. Wulu Riddim (MPC 2000XL )
co- produced By Wulu

3. 2 Kushy (MPC 2000XL )

4. Rawk`n (Sp 303)

5. Foreign Language (Sp 303)

6. Keep It Crev (MPC 2000XL )
Fea Giovanni Marks Co-Produced By Sir Froderick

7. Tomita Kush (MPC 2000XL )

8 Rap Life Interlude (Sp 303)

9 Lovin…. (MPC 2000XL )

10. T.V. Party ( Sp 404)

11. Fa Shiro (MPC 2000XL )

12._G iz Us 7 (MPC 2000XL )

13. Walk With Me Fea KhaiLL Sadiq (Sp 303)

14. Ice…(Sp 404)

15. Spaceship On Cruise Control (MPC 2000XL )

16. Bruce Leroy Glow
Fea. KoreaTownOddity

17. South Central Matrix(Demo Version)
Fea. KhaILL Sadiq

Produced By Ras_G for Ghetto Sci-Fi Music
recorded @ SpaceBase2912


Ssaliva – “Pantani”
ltd Cassette edition of 250 tapes
Art: Andreu Serra

Ssaliva is Francois Boulanger from Belgium, aka Cupp Cave. This is Ssaliva’s second full-length cassette on Leaving Records. The cassette is packaged in an o-card, and comes with immediate digital download when purchased.

Boulanger: “Pantani was recorded in 2013 at different locations – apartments, houses, cabins. I even recorded the piano on ‘Virtue’ in a small castle here in Liege, Belgium. I would spend all day walking, taking pics, then come back and make music on headphones all night.”