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Deantoni Parks – Deanthoven

*total runtime: 33min (CS) / 17min (digi)
*cassette includes drumapella versions
*shiny “silver ore” Ocard sleeve
*Deanthoven drawing by: punk_picasso

Produced/Performed live by Deantoni Parks channeling Ludwig Van Beethoven. There are no overdubs or loops on this album. Mixed & Mastered by Matthew David McQueen, cover art by Punk_Picasso. Machines/Instruments used: Human Body, One Hickory Drum Stick, Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, MacBook, Interface, Midi Keyboard, various microphones and outboard equipment.

“There is no treatise likely to be too learned for me. Without Laying claim to real learning it is yet true that since my childhood i have striven to learn the minds of the best and wisest of every period of time. It is a disgrace for every artist who does not try to do as much.”
-November 2, 1809, to Breitkopf and Hartel, of Leipzig.



Tomutonttu – Trarat

*total runtime: 34min
*handpainted cassettes
*translucent OCard designed by Jan Anderzén

Tomutonttu is multi-disciplinary artist & Leaving Records’ psychic music mentor Jan Anderzén from Finland. Head cosmonaut of musical spaceship Kemialliset Ystävät for the past twenty years, Tomutonttu is the name of Jan’s solo sonic explorations in Electro-Acoustic Elven Groove Collage. Jan was commissioned by a classical music festival in his home town of Tampere Finland to write some new music, and “Trarat” is a collection of tracks recorded during this writing process.


Dream Music
-LR085, LR086

LR085 SunPath – Yasamine and the Snowflake Dragon (1980)
LR086 SunPath – SunPath 2 (1984)


*total runtime: 2hr
*6panel, 7panel extensive JCard liner notes included on the cassette
*2CS bundle housed in gold embossed midnight blue sleeve
*2CS bundle includes immediate digital download

SunPath is the 1980s outsider New Age music of nomadic journeyman Jeff Berry. Self-released and selectively distributed around the southwest United States in the early 80s, the coveted material is now seeing the light of sun for the first time since its genesis years. Currently living in rural Wyoming, Jeff reflects on the Dream Music to Leaving Records:

“In 1980 several unique events prompted me to jump from the edge of my known world into other spaces and other places… during the early 1980’s each year I chose a vision or theme and created a work of music based upon it.

One of the many things that made working on the SunPath music compositions so interesting and compelling is that in order to evoke visual images I would spend considerable time searching for specific sounds. To do that I constructed many different kinds of instruments and devices – the following details some of this process and how I combined these acoustical sounds electronically to create a blend of music not really describable from either medium – all treated with experimental tape-transferring to induce artifact and generation of overtone sequences.

*Prophet synthesizer *Silver flute electronically processed *Peyote ceremony water drum *Self-built & chromatically cut glass *Aluminum and brass chime bars *Bass viol *Self built wire-strung harp *Rebuilt/retuned cedar flute *Mexican dove ocarina *Chromatically tuned sitar *Field recordings of two Colorado streams: one outdoors & one inside a cave *A field recording of a raging snowstorm captured under a full moon outside of the cabin window *Divine intervention

In the years that followed, I became more acutely aware of walking upon the borderline of other dimensions of reality. Even as I write at this moment if I step outside into the snow and look at a single pine needle or twig, it glows and shimmers as if flickering in and out of the solid reality we most normally inhabit. Everything in the natural world has this quality and I am most perplexed and astounded at every moment of my being.”

-Jeff Berry aka SunPath





Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – Ashram
Cassette ($10) & Digital Download

total runtime: 40min
*handpainted shells, rainbow reflective OCard
*cassette exclusive 20minElectric Ganesh
*digital exclusive 17minDancing Ganesh

You are in a cave in an Indonesian ashram. Surrounded by statues of Ganesh, the fragrant smells of incense and flowers put your senses at ease as you sublimate. The sound of trickling fountains reverberates throughout your mind, breaking your defenses down into a state of pure, blissful relaxation. This is the ideal environment to introduce the freshly minted “Leaving Records for the New Age” series. Fittingly, these sounds come straight from label founder and forward-thinking steward of modern New Age music, Matthewdavid. He is your pilot for the duration of his Ashram, transporting you from one serene scene to the next. In this collection of three long-form compositions, heavy water sounds and flute mix with field recordings from Bali, sweeping synthesizers, and the angelic vocals of Nora Keyes (“Dancing Ganesh”). Though Ashram documents a special time and place in the producer’s life, it may only whet listeners’ appetites for its double-LP followup, the contemporary New Age masterwork Trust the Guide and Glide.