-Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening!

Carlos Niño & Friends – Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening!

*total runtime: 39mins
*first 100 LPs include 12×24 foldout by Jesse Moretti
*tip-onLP jacket w. liner notes/credits insert
*vinyl includes instant download w.bonus trackOn Into Rise feat. Kamasi Washington

Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening! is the fourth in an ongoing series of highly collaborative records by Carlos Niño & Friends, and features Madlib, Kamasi Washington, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Iasos, Luis Pérez Ixoneztli, Dexter Story, and more!

Los Angeles’ Carlos Niño is the exalted producer, composer, percussionist, DJ, ensemble orchestrator, and mentor who has traversed the multitude of music scenes the city has birthed within the last two decades. Host of the influential Spaceways Radio (1995-2015) on KPFK in Los Angeles, his curation of playlists run in complete parallel to his original compositions and collaborations collected on this album: “Psychedelic Love Music and classic, obscure and experimental recordings from around the world!”. This is Space Collage Hybrid music!

FEIAH was recorded in California – mostly in the greater Los Angeles are, with Iasos’ contributions coming from up North in Marin County. The material spans a number of years, through to March 2015. Carlos remarks on the material, “I rarely throw anything away, and in this case, a few pieces I’d started and archived were brought back to the forefront as they vibrationally matched with the project. There is overlap in space, time, and sound with these records”. A standout in the FEIAH album arch is from The Cosmic Band and Kamasi Washington, a one-of-a-kind orchestration by Niño as a final send-off performance captured live on his Spaceways Radio show March 22nd 2015. “It was a wonderful night! We opened with an improvisation where I read the names of almost everyone that had ever been on the show with me including Pharoah Sanders, Yusef Lateef, and Donovan. We played a few classics, then ended with a 30 minute guided improvisation that the bonus Kamasi track “On Into Rise” was excerpted from.”

photography: Grace Oh


-Trust the Guide and Glide

Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – Trust the Guide and Glide

*88 minutes of New Age Bliss & Ecstacy Music
*2LPtipongatefold jacket featuring the paintings of visionary artist Gilbert Williams
*Vinyl comes w.iridescent liner notes written by Carlos Niño & immediate digital download

video by: Adam Ferriss

It’s Now! Eternally! Easy, Tender, Loving Sound.
The Guide is You. The Glide is Life. Be Yourself, Live Fully –
That’s what the Vibrations are Encouraging, Echoing,
Waving, Glowing, Singing, Rippling, Radiating.

Matthewdavid’s Mindflight is Heart Music. It’s a record
of beauty that has evolved from explorations into his
deepest emotions, visions and imagination. The Flights
were most directly inspired by his profound connection
with Michael Stearns’ Planetary Unfolding (Continuum
Montage 1981). You can feel that Trust is it’s Brother.
Stearns speaks of Dreams, Resonance, Unity, and Ecstasy.
Matthew adds that this journey has been one of Healing,
Discovery, Finding, and Transformation. The two and
their kindred are wondrous Sonic-Energetic-Midwives
helping to usher in this age of Expanded Consciousness.

The process and source are Extra and Terrestrial,
Synthesized, Improvised (Live on Dublab Radio) Meditations.
Sourced from the well of spiritual expression, these
recordings were further realized in Ableton. You’re flying
through the mystical world of Gilbert William’s cover,
the software technology is dancing with circuitry, Flute,
Harp, Hulusi, Water, Sonar, Quasar, and microtonal
language are Tied and Dyed in the moment.

The Mind is programmed by the Heart. With an open
Heart the Mind can apply our gifts. I asked Matthew
what he’s seen on / in his Mindflights: “Unconditional Love!
Stillness – Centeredness,” he replied. “I’ve seen and felt
my ancestors, I’ve heard the songs of humanity . . .”

Welcome, Listen, Hear, Here, Now, Celebrate!

Joyously Written with Trust the Guide and Glide on repeat,
Tuesday, December 8, 2015, in Woodland Hills, California
Carlos Niño


Benedek Coolin' Digital aqua
Benedek – Coolin’ EP

*runtime 25min
*ltd. to 200 tapes in Starburst OCard
*hidden cassetteonly bonus trackHardCastle
*art by Dyami Obrien

Nicky Benedek was born and bred to funk in the City of Angels. He spent his early creative energy observing and integrating outsider dance and funk scenes in underground music culture into his own breed of production for his first full-length on the influential PPU label. His compositions carry the torch of funk into the wondrous and nebulous territories of house, boogie, hip-hop, jazz-fusion, and experimental new age. With an arsenal of analog synthesizers, drum machines, and electric guitars, he’s making moves in the L.A. underground by welcomed way of Funkmosphere, Dublab, and Leaving Records community with a strong strut.



Odd Nosdam – Sisters

*total runtime: 29mins
*ltd. edition of 50 VHS (VHS SOLD OUT)
*ltd. edition of 100 clear vinyl (CLEAR WAX SOLD OUT)
*official Boards of Canada remix download included when purchased directly from us.
*8 Videos directed by Big Pauper.
*str8 classic black wax.

Odd Nosdam makes his second appearance on Leaving Records and greets 2016 with Sisters. Throughout, Nosdam splits his time between cosmic, slow burning beats and reflective soundscapes littered with intriguing textures and mind bending samples. Analogue sounds are generous and knowingly manipulated. Gorgeous samples are deployed, sturdy yet emotional. Cymbals explode.

Already a long revered figure in underground beats, in the last several years Odd Nosdam has been able to test his new productions on the world class sound system of Low End Theory. Much of Sisters was inspired by those room shaking sonics, so it is fitting that kindred spirit Teebs makes an appearance here in a dreamy collaboration. Although Sisters contains plenty of absolute bangers, its quieter moments also stun with their hypnotic beauty.

Nosdam writes of the inspiration for the title track, “when the sun finally breaks through on an overcast day, Sisters was very much inspired by that wonderful moment… and the longing for it.”