Trance Farmers – Dixie Caps

total runtime: 11mins
200 tapes thru Stones Throw
digital download via STONES THROW

The Dixie Caps EP is a precursor to Trance Farmers’ forthcoming debut LP, Dixie Crystals (due Summer 2014). This tantalizingly brief cassette release, evenly divided between dreamy pop gems and experimental soundscapes, serves as an excellent introduction to the musical rambling of songsmith Dayve Samek aka TRANCE FARMERS. Take the swooning, Kinks-esque opening track “Dream Train”, its jangly guitars peppered with bizarre samples and heavenly harmonies. “House Made of Dawn” is a haunted, hopeful ballad of high adventure. The cassette’s B-side goes further adrift, opening with the pulsating, percussive mutations of “Lucinda” and flaming out on the glorious, drifting embers of “Camp Fire”.

May 12th, 2014