Fowler, J.Unami, al. (20-March, 2015). Species pluralis [Audio Cassette]. United States: Leaving Records. 060(1):01–04

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Duration: 20:12
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01. […]; 0375705465; 071810093X; -16.0 db; (2001) 82:307–312; (2004) 85:1146–1152; (3:00); 35.477184, 138.620284; 9780674049208; 9783837618037; 1/f noise; C8H6Cl2O3; Cicuta maculata L.; I-2012; Temperate deciduous forest; _ºC
02. 0199563594; 024634562468; 098242969X; (2011) 61: 203–213; -33.0 db; 35.477184, 138.620284; (7:06); 847755000530; Cerbera odollam Gaertn.; C8H14ClN5; Corvus macrorhynchos Wagler, 1827; Dualysis; I-2012; YF-7024-AX; […]
03. […]; 037429200728; (1959) 129: 1466–1470; -22.0 db; 35.477184, 138.620284; 55.840815, -4.267108; (7:06); 9781402040931, Actaea pachypoda Elliot; C3H8NO5P; II-2012; Orobanchaceae Vent.; Pueraria montana (Lour.) Merr.
04. -16.0 db; 1/f noise; (2011) 191: 926–941; (3:00); 35.174685, 139.644835; 9780803241688; 41.996244, -71.0765324; Aconitum spp.; C6H3Cl3N2O2; Fallopia japonica (Houtt.) Ronse Decr.; I-2012; KM; Phyllostachys sp.; Santalales; TT; […]

Species pluralis: Multiple species indeterminate, indifferent, and unstable in-the-last-instance? No more Jarrod Fowler or Taku Unami than et al. Cryptothallus mirabilis Malmb.; Ecological Sound Art; Human microbiome; Supernatural Horror; Suspended performance … Cetonia aurata (Linnaeus, 1758); Nescience; Phenology … Armoracia rusticana G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb.; Biological Pest Control; Black-X; Cosmic Pessimism; Drosera rotundifolia L.; Non-Musicology; Pinguicula vulgaris L.; Puppetry … Apocynum cannabinum L.; Arachnidism?; Bombus bimaculatus Cresson, 1863; Para-X; Sapro-X; Solidago spp. … Crypsis; Ecto-exotage; Extinction; Monotropastrum humile (D.Don) H.Hara; Suicide; Xeno-X; …

(1–4):01–20 (LR060, LR063, LR066, LR069) [… 2010–2015 … Massachusetts, United States–Tokyo, Japan … If Music, then no more Music than Non-Music; … Design of experiments … Continuous and discrete variables from nonparametric distributions … Haphazard, random, and sequential treatments … Lacunarity … Neutral and null models … N (pseudo-)replicates … P value(lessness) and (in)significance … Statistical inferences un-decidable; … Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, Literature Cited, Tables and Figures; … Trans-species soundscapes … Unspecified … Unknown …060(1):01–04, (20:12), 100 Audio Cassettes, 20-III-2015, Equinox063(2):05–08, (20:12), 100 Audio Cassettes, 21-VI-2015, Solstice066(3):09–12, (20:12), 100 Audio Cassettes, 23-IX-2015, Equinox; …

Jarrod Fowler: Pollinator Conservation and Conservation Biological Control Specialist for New England and Northeast Regions at The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. Technical Service Provider of Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plans at The United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service. Work informed by over 15 years of horticulture and entomology practice and training in New England. Proficient in science-based and sustainable insect habitat assessment, design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring. Consumer-decomposer-producer of environmental (non-)music […]. Praxis (completely-incompletely) metamorphosed (from) [1st instar] percussion music (1982-2001), [2nd instar] experimental percussion music (2001-2004), [3rd instar] conceptual percussion and ecology-of-rhythm performance-research (2004-2008; Kim-Cohen 2009; Dworkin 2013), [4th instar] non-music (from) Rhythm (2008-2011; Morton 2013), [5th instar] (non-)phenology (2011-Nth instar-pupa-imago? [Dependent on environmental conditions]; Daly 2014). No more sustained than suspended international events, …

Taku Unami: Performer of multi-instrumental, improvised, or unclassifiable (non-)music. Bandleader and guitarist of depressive easy-listening group HOSE. Composer of film scores for directors including Isao Okishima and Takeshi Furusawa. Founder of hibari music, an experimental music record label and distributor. Work influenced by cosmic-pessimism, science-fiction, supernatural-horror, and weird-fiction. Proficient in string instruments, piano, synthesizers, recording hardware and software, and “obfuscated everyday, non-musical objects”. Member of HONTATEDORI, Kanji Nakao Trio … Collaborators include Evan Calder Williams, Rhodri Davies, Masafumi Ezaki, Klaus Filip, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Kazushige Kinoshita, Radu Malfatti, Masahiko Okura, Keith Rowe, Eugene Thacker, Nikos Veliotis … Recorded or mastered numerous records for labels such as Erstwhile Records, skiti, slub music … Published more than 30 solo or collaborative records and performed in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and United States. Notable publications include Parazoan Mapping with Éric La Casa (Erstwhile Records 2015), Teatro Assente with Takahiro Kawaguchi (Erstwhile Records 2011), motubachii with Annette Krebs (Erstwhile Records 2010), Tengu et Kitsune I and II with Taku Sugimoto (slub music 2006, 2009), Attention with Mattin (h.m.o/r 2007), … Available for audio mastering services:

AG, AH, AK, BE, BM, CC, DG, DL, DS, ET, EW, HF, IO, JC, JW, KB, KD, KM, LB, LJ, LR, MA, MB, MD, ME, MM, ØT, SB, SS, TM, TT, …

March 20th, 2015