Benedek Coolin' Digital aqua
Benedek – Coolin’ EP

*runtime 25min
*ltd. to 200 tapes in Starburst OCard
*hidden cassetteonly bonus trackHardCastle
*art by Dyami Obrien

Nicky Benedek was born and bred to funk in the City of Angels. He spent his early creative energy observing and integrating outsider dance and funk scenes in underground music culture into his own breed of production for his first full-length on the influential PPU label. His compositions carry the torch of funk into the wondrous and nebulous territories of house, boogie, hip-hop, jazz-fusion, and experimental new age. With an arsenal of analog synthesizers, drum machines, and electric guitars, he’s making moves in the L.A. underground by welcomed way of Funkmosphere, Dublab, and Leaving Records community with a strong strut.


March 11th, 2016