A Meditation on Events in 2016

Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – A Meditation on Events in 2016
**All profits from this release to go towards the Fire Relief Fund for Victims of Ghostship Oakland Fire**

*total runtime 51 min
*ltd edition 150 cassettes
*rainbow reflective OCards
*handpainted shells

*immediate download w. cassette purchase

51 minutes of Improvised New Age Sound Collage

Matthew David McQueen plays various electronic synthesizer analog & digital on “Earth Flight” & “Ride The Train Into Forever”, and silver concert C flute on “A Meditation On Events In 2016” & “Gorgeous Garden Growing”. All audio further-processed with Ableton Live software.

*Dntel, Mndsgn, and Diva (Diva Dompé) play various electronic instruments

“A Meditation on Events in 2016” recorded at stones throw, december 8th 2016
“Earth Flight” recorded live at dublab, fall 2014.
“Ride The Bliss Train Into Forever” recorded live at dublab, spring 2014.
“Gorgeous Garden Growing” recorded live at home, summer 2015.

photo: Theo Jemison

December 9th, 2016