Conditioned Reflex

S.Candle – Conditioned Reflex


*total runtime: 33min
*ltd. 100 tapes painted shells

— — — —
S.CANDLE is the DANCE DYSTOPIA of BARRETT AVNER (Sun Araw, Sic Alps, Black Bananas, The Shrine). S.CANDLE has always been an homage to his family tree (his grandfather used to style and party w/ Funkadelic, owning far-out psychedelic clothing stores in Cleveland Ohio, his mother Athabaskan Indian from Alaska), but filtered through murky electronics, screaming guitars, and a cynical view of the physical world that surrounds us.

The concept of Conditioned Reflex is the constant struggle to decode real information in the age of digital and technocratic gluttony, the pursuit of reality resulting in mixed emotions of freedom and paranoia. Conditioned Reflex is dance music, mostly recorded direct to a 2 track Tascam 122 MKII tape deck using various drum machines, synthesizers, sequencers, with guitar and digital elements added later to create a tension between the immediate, distant, organic and the synthetic. The message is as always, there is no everyone, and don’t live in fear. Electro music to break chains to.

All songs recorded, mixed, written, and performed by B. Avner
w/ additional technical assistance from Nadav Eisenman
Mastered by Ged M. Gengras
Cover photo by B. Avner in Fairbanks, Alaska
Layout/Art” Arien Valizadeh


January 20th, 2017