Springrain Flight

Carlos Niño & Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – Springrain Flight

*total runtime: 48mins


When Gilles Peterson and Jonathan Rudnick of Worldwide FM
asked Matthewdavid and I to put together a Leaving Records
take over of their Radio Station in Los Angeles, we rallied
Jamire Williams, Chassol, Devonwho, and Kiefer to join
us in Live Performance and Conversation. We spent all of
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at Stones Throw Studio,
connecting and vibing on the Radio. It was a beautiful day
just after the Spring Equinox . . .

I set up a room of Gongs, Cymbals and Bells to perform an
improvisation with Jamire and Chassol, and to Duet with Matthewdavid.
Matthew was the Host and DJ, and had a couple of his synthesizers
and pedals active and ready to play.

SpringrainFlight is an expansion of this energy, effort, gathering.
“Gongs, Cymbals and Bells” is my full Improvisation from the room
I set up in, with the elements Matthew added, Live for the Broadcast,
muted. Later Matthew transformed what he played along with me
into his Mindflight “Blooming Always.” We decided to release our
Solo pieces side by side, inspired by the collective, and with joyous
interest in making music together in the future!
Carlos Niño
released April 20, 2017

cover photography: Justin Cole

April 19th, 2017