Stargate Music

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Stargate Music
LP/DL World Wide 4/20/2018

total runtime: 31min
recorded and mixed at SpaceBase 2912
mastered by MatthewMatthewdavidMcQueen @StonesThrowStudios
art by Ron Browne

“The womb is The Stargate of Humanity” says Ras G, relating to the concept of his latest proper full-length – an astral ode to woman. “Stargate Music is a record that I livicated to the Womb-man…to the Vagina, The Stargate from which beings emanate life on this planet. I gathered these sound pieces and presented it as a reflection of the life cycle of beings on this planet.”

G has always been more to us than an influential L.A. beatmaker, but rather the luminary with an infectiously heartfelt zero-fucks-given philosophy towards raw experimentation in the Los Angeles underground producer scene since the early 2000s.

“From The Primordial Water Formation we flow thru The Stargate….and one’s great journey reconnecting and returning to the sweet nectar that is The Stargate….and this is the soundtrack to the journey.”
-Ras G

photo Rogue Venom

April 19th, 2018