Devonwho – Betaloops

runtime: 60min
42 beats deep
art by Low Limit

Meeting of Waters

Josiah Steinbrick – Meeting of Waters
DL + ltd CS (150)

*LIMITED VINYL EDITIONS* will be available for pre-order directly from Josiah Steinbrick via his BANANA ENVIRONMENTS Bandcamp page in the coming weeks.

total runtime: 38min
ltd cassette edition of 150

Following the debut release of his minimal-music ensemble BANANA earlier this year, Josiah Steinbrick, the Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer returns with his first collection of solo works titled Meeting Of Waters, available October 27th on LEAVING Records. The album shares some of that ensemble’s concerns, notably in its interest in pattern based music, but here the emphasis is placed on subtle explorations of percussive tones and creating interior or imagined worlds.

The works on Meeting of Waters stem from Steinbrick’s childhood fascination with anthropology and travel tales and almost operates like a cartography of some indeterminate landscape. Each piece has a palette of one to five elements that work in harmony together — with synthesizers, marimbaphones, tuned wood, idiophones, bells, and gongs providing resonant tones that slowly accrete in detail. There’s a measured yet thoroughly engaging pace throughout, that, much like Malaysian Temiar Dream Music, seems to “interpret the heart of reality”.

As in the work of David Toop, Toshi Tsuchitori, Walter Maioli, or Luis Pérez Ixoneztli (whom Steinbrick recently collaborated with), the pre-historic and hyper-modern are effortlessly intertwined. If – as famed French Structural Anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss believed – myths, music, and dreams are “machines for the suppression of time”, then “Meeting of Waters” features nine ingeniously and exquisitely crafted examples of that theory in action. -Michael Klausman
— — — —

Composed and Performed by Josiah Steinbrick

Produced by Cate Le Bon

Recorded by Samur Khouja, September 9th-14th, 2016

Additional Synthesizer on 7 / Cate Le Bon

Marimbaphone on 4 / Matthew Compton

Mixing & Mastering / Samur Khouja

Cover Drawing / Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh

Art Direction / Josiah Steinbrick

Special Thanks to Michael Dumontier for Visual Assistance / Fergus Clark & Jack Rollo for Sequence Notes /
Michael Klausman for Words

For Erica and Rowen

photo: Todd Weaver

Going Home

Carlos Niño & Friends – Going Home
DIGITAL Oct 20th, VINYL late fall

total runtime: 31min
Revered Producer / Musician Carlos Niño engages
the 5th album in his ongoing& Friends series with
Going Home, a definitive sixsong odyssey in tribute
to passing from the earthly realmfeaturing
Deantoni Parks, Dexter Story, Jamael Dean,
Josh Johnson, Miguel AtwoodFerguson,
SK Kakraba, and New Age Legend Iasos.

Going Home Record Release Party / Performance
Friday, October 20th at The World Stage

November 2017 – On Tour Opening for
and Dueting with Laraaji

08/11/17 Berlin, DE Kiezsalon ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
10/11/17 Antwerp, BE Het Bos ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
11/11/17 Eupen, BE Alter Schlachthof ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
12/11/17 The Hague, NL Rewire ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
13/11/17 Dublin, IE Sugar Club ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
16/11/17 Aarhus, DK Tape ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
18/11/17 Hamburg, DE Kampnagel ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
19/11/17 London, UK Cafe Oto ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
21/11/17 Perguia, IT Chiesa di S. Bevignate ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
22/11/17 Rome, IT La Fine ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
24/11/17 Torino, IT Magazzini sul Po ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji
25/11/17 Florence, IT Sala Vanni ‘Sun Dreaming’ w/ Laraaji

photo Brian Tamborello


Opio – Wounded Healer / Galvanometer


*total runtime 17 min (vinyl) / 22 min (digital)
*digital includes exclusive “Mountain Sage” and “Galvanometer 2nd” instrumentals
*cover art by Felix Jackson Jr.

*Two new songs from Opio of Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics – three versions each so that’s six tracks total, all produced by Dakim. The other song “Wounded Healer” features Homeboy Sandman (and Terence McKenna).
*Mixed and mastered w. Matthewdavid at Stones Throw Studios.

Opio (foreground), Dakim (background). photo: Ari Berger