LR090 –
Bene’s World

Benedek – Bene’s World
VINYL + DIGITAL PREORDER (release date July 28th)

*total runtime 39min
*cover art from Dyami O’Brien

Get 2 know Nicky Benedek: a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and DJ. His compositions bridge the nebulous territories of house, boogie, hip-hop, jazz-fusion and experimental new age.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Benedek began pulling inspiration from the city’s structural and visual dichotomies at a young age. He picked up a guitar at 9 years-old, taking note of any and all sonic surroundings, from prevalent West Coast G-funk to the synthesized sound effects in video games to a Herbie Hancock record pulled from his dad’s collection. Amongst a complex set of influences, funk took a hold on his heart by high school.

Bene’s World is Benedek’s second Leaving Records release, following last year’s Coolin’ EP as well as a full-length debut on the influential Peoples Potential Unlimited label. His catalogue also includes collaborations with Dam-Funk, Delroy Edwards and Tom Noble. Recorded between his Koreatown studio and the West LA home he grew up in, Bene’s World captures the characteristically-LA mingling of urban action and canyon seclusion.


Yialmelic Frequencies – Zjumk

*total runtime: 53mins
*cover art and video by Adam Ferriss

Yialmelic Frequencies is the ASMR-triggering instrumental New Age music experimentations from Starseed Diva Dompé channeled from her home planet Yialmel. Zjumk collects the instrumental layers Diva has created and archived at for her monthly guided-meditation radio show “Yialmelic Transmissions” – this is the first album in a series of volumes from this reserve. Expect more forthcoming full-length albums this year from Diva on Leaving Records.



*total runtime: 25min
*ltd 200 tapes w.risograph OCards
*ltd 500 vinyl



Composed & Produced by Josiah Steinbrick

Stephen Black – Clarinet, Saxophone
Huw Evans – Guitar, Synthesizer
Josh Klinghoffer – Marimba, Synthesizer
Cate Le Bon – Piano, Vibraphone
Stella Mozgawa – Bass, Marimba, Percussion
Josiah Steinbrick – Vibraphone, Piano

1. Banana A
2. Banana B
3. Banana C
4. Banana D

Recorded by Samur Khouja at El Sereno
Assisted by Nathaniel Eras

Mixed by Matthew “Matthewdavid” McQueen & Josiah Steinbrick at Stones Throw Studios
Assisted by Jake Viator

Mastered by Samur Khouja at Seahorse Sound

“Banana B” contains elements from Part IV of Kolm Ballaadi Poistekoorile by Heino Jürisalu & Part I of Instrumentals Vol. II by Arthur Russell

Arrangements on A, B, & C by BANANA

Art Direction by Josiah Steinbrick

Image sourced from the archives of Michael Dumontier


The album itself was recorded live to reel to reel tape on March 29th 2016 to be aired as a special on This incarnation of the ensemble came together to serve as backing group for Cate Le Bon’s “Crab Day” promotional tour as well as the opening act. We performed in Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, Cardiff, London, Los Angeles, and New York City. BANANA was a new experience for us. The sound of musicians I feel very connected to playing freely around composed pieces under my direction – exploring themes and theories of naturalism and modalism through repetition. For those in search of a bath, a rinse, a departure, or an expansion. Hopefully exotic, hopefully pleasant.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 1.56.54 PM

Om Namah Shivaya / Be Still and Glow

LR100, 101, 102, 103
Laraaji – Om Namah Shivaya / Be Still and Glow – 1980s


*LR100 runtime: 40min, LR101 runtime: 64min, LR102 runtime: 62min, LR103 runtime: 92min
*ORANGE VINYL Om Namah Shivaya 1LP, original jacket design from Laraaji 1984
*BE STILL AND GLOW 3CS Silver-embossed Metallic Mandarine Sleeve, written by Laraaji
*photography and design: Will Pesta

Leaving Records presents its second archival installment with legendary New Age composer Laraaji, all material previously self-released and distributed in ltd. quantities during the 1980s.
— — — —

Om Namah Shivaya from 1984 finds Laraaji using drum machines and stream-of-consciousness vocal mantra to make new-age trance pop.

LR100 Laraaji – Om Namah Shivaya 1984, 1LP
“This original 1984 cassette home recording was inspired by request for personal long play soundtrack to accompany a delivery room child birth in Florida. It was intended to wlecome a newborn child with love, ecstatic joy, and high positivism. I used the Casiotone M70 electric keyboard and chat sang wihle in a prepared vision trance. C Major.” -Laraaji
— — — —

Be Still and Glow collects three long-form titles from the deep and seemingly endless pool of cassette archives from Laraaji Nadabrahmananda during peak productivity years in the 1980s. Curated, remastered, and restored to its utmost listening enjoyment potential by Leaving Records’ Matthew “Matthewdavid” McQueen alongside Laraaji. Initially unearthed and transferred from tape by Douglas McGowan.

LR101 Laraaji – Sun Zither 1&2 1984, CS
“90+ minutes of non-stop sun-drenched Zither Ecstacy”
“A refreshing new sound journey through ecstatic hammered open-tuned zither string board, through jazz-funk rhythms with improvised rubber-tipped mallets, through rattled, stopped Zither. Chaos with wooden chopsticks, through ethereal steel slide string sound exploration to take the classic zither sound way out of the box. An exploratory adventure in sustained open modal tuning, elegant electronics and virtuoso performance mastery” -Laraaji

LR102 Laraaji – Tonings 1&2 1980s, CS
“Tonings 1: Shimmering celestial Zither and OM chant continual deep induction listening for expanded inner-stillness.” -Laraaji
“Tonings 2: OM chimes ladder, Kalimba (African thumb piano), hand chimes, spontaneous laughter release, chant, & chimes distortion (heavy at times towards end.)” -Laraaji

LR103 Laraaji – Celestrana / Deep Chimes Meditation 1980s CS
“Celestrana: Calming, gentle, continual, patient, relaxed-pace solo electric zither feeling. Home cassette recorded 1980’s. Mood of contemplative stillness. Peaceful, introspective listening.”
“Deep Chimes Meditation: Classic, Space, Peace, Zen, Timelessness” -Laraaji