Diva’s Guided Meditation Cassette Series
Yialmelic Transmissions 1: Vibration Fruits

total runtime: 60min
200 custom Metallic Rose Quartz OCards w/Rhinestones
Side A: Guided Meditation w/vocal narration from Diva
Side B: Instrumental

Alien Journeys for Transcendent Healing.
Clear Stagnation for free energy flow.
Analog + Digital Synthesizers and Vocal Narration assist the transmission.


Matthewdavid & EMV – Super Harvest Moon

total runtime: 38min
ltd to 250 copies, cassette-only
original OCard art silk-screened by: Ryo Kuramoto

*A-Side “Super Harvest Moon” recorded in 2009 by Matthewdavid and EMV on the Super Harvest Moon
*B-Side “Waxing Gibbous Moon” recorded in 2014 by Matthewdavid and EMV on the Waxing Gibbous Moon


Mndsgn – Surface Outtakes

total runtime: 30mins
*ltd 300 copies
*please purchase all remaining copies via Stones Throw
*please note first-class shipping option when checking out of ST store*

record store folks etc. get w/ haley@stonesthrow.com for wholesale.

Mndsgn (birthname Ringgo Anchetta) with a ltd. edition cassette of outtakes, b-sides, and unreleased ideas officially now seeing the light of day: funky beats, ambient, and spiritual jazz.

Cassette contains three tracks not on the digital release.
Fancy O-Card refracts & reflects light, design by: Jesselisa Moretti


VHVL & Ras G – Seat of the Soul

total runtime: 30mins
VHVL 1track at 15mins
Ras G 7tracks at around 2mins each
*ltd edition of 300 tapes
*purchase cassette & digital at stonesthrow.com
*get wholesale prices for your record shop w/ haley@stonesthrow.com

‘Seat of the Soul’ is a split cassette of esoteric experiments and emotion from Ras G & VHVL. Ras G throws down seven tracks inspired by the pineal gland, and helps us introduce a young New York-bred producer VHVL (birthname Veronica Lauren) who caught the ancient ear of Ras G on a NY tour / studio session in 2013. An experienced sound designer influenced by the “founding mothers of electronic music”, VHVL has found her voice through compositions which mirror her youthful spirit creating a dialogue reflective of her human experience.
Art by: Ras Terms
Ltd. edition cassette of 300 w/ OCard printed on 100% recycled paper.